I create mixed media sculptures and installations to explore sociopolitical and psychological issues. Three threads have evolved in my work. One looks at identity as perceived through the embodiment of experiences and memory. Another explores aspects of biomedical/biotech developments such as cloning and creating a “healed” or “enhanced” human body through aesthetic surgeries, transplants, tissue engineering and “farming” animals as surrogates for replacement body tissues and organs. The third is concerned with psychological impulses for and physical and psychological consequences of violence occurring from internal and interpersonal conflicts and national and international wars.

I work with different media from cast materials—metal, rubber, resin and paper—to video clips and electronics. Some of the work simply engages visually, while other work invites the viewer to be a participant who manipulates or activates components.

My work has been exhibited in group shows locally, nationally and internationally, and received such recognitions as Featured Artist and Best in Show. Additionally, I have been awarded Minnesota-based grants.